Relax! All are welcome…

You, the children, – everyone! We are an inter-generational community, and that is part of what makes church unique!
Come sit up front – it’s easier for the little ones to see and hear up there. If you do need more freedom to move around, feel free to utilize the area in the back of the worship space.

Please help your children walk (not run) at church – it’s safer for them and our older members (who may be more likely to take a fall). As a community, this is one easy way we can look out for each other.

Sing the hymns, pray the prayers, bring all the little ones up for communion. Children will learn the liturgy by taking part! If you must leave for any reason during worship, please feel free…but come back! Jesus said “Let the children come to me.” Just as children learn from us we also learn from them when they worship with us.

The Vision:

Remember what dinner was like before your children were born? Eating with preschoolers or elementary schoolers or teenagers is different! Eating with children at each age has its particular joys and trials. At times it drives adults a little nuts. But, when after 18 or so years we find ourselves eating with adults only again, we recall those loud, messy meals fondly and miss them.

It is the same way with worship…

Worshiping with children changes the way you worship forever. If “before children” worship was a quiet “just for me” time, that is over and done. It is a new day. Worshiping with children is a team sport. You can no more worship beside your children than you can eat beside them. Both are interactive. You are now a worship coach. Your children will insist that you hone your worship skills and deepen your understanding of worship – and almost everything else – as you draw them into worship. Expect to be embarrassed, stretched, frustrated, delighted and deeply enriched by the process.

Resource: Strategies for worshiping with children by Carolyn Brown

Worshiping with children is a team sport!

The presence of children is a gift to the church. They are members of our community, reminders of the vitality of the church and teachers of simple and profound things.

As fellow worshipers please remember we want this to always be a welcome and safe place for the children and for all people – how adults welcome the littlest ones and practice healthy inter-generational relationships will shape their relationships to this place.

We practice healthy relationship building here, so please remember that our littlest ones have just as much agency over their bodies as full-grown humans do. Please do not insist on hugging or high-fiving unless you are given explicit permission by the child.

Children’s Corner:

You and your child are invited to check out our Children’s Corner at the back of the worship space. Feel free to take one of our activity bags to enjoy during worship. You will also find a variety of colouring pencils and crayons and colouring sheets. Books too!

Sunday School

Each Sunday morning the children in our church begin their worship experience attending the Morning Worship with their families. As the lessons are read as well as “The Children’s Time” in the service, they become aware of the theme for our Sunday School lesson for that day. It is at that time that the children move to their “special room”. Here we enjoy a “family grouping” where the children are able to enjoy a time of singing, crafts and becoming engaged in the lessons being taught as well as quiet activities in our “book corner”.